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      Juvenile Law​
      Juvenile Law

      Advocacy for children and families…

      In Connecticut, the goal of our state’s Department of Children and Family (DCF) agency is to protect the interests of children. The agency was established to intervene whenever a child’s safety and well-being are at risk because of unfit parenting. DCF will investigate and potentially remove children in situations of:

      • Child abuse
      • Domestic violence
      • Child neglect

      Endangerment of children DCF does a very admirable and important job, but sometimes it may overstep its boundaries and break apart loving families. If you are currently being investigated by DCF or your child has been taken, you should get in contact with Attorney Klapproth to help you advocate for your parental rights during a hearing.

      If DCF declares a child’s current living situation as harmful to their interests, they have the right to place the child in temporary custody of the agency. Under state law, when a child is removed from their home environment, a judge may decide to put them in the care of a relative or foster care. Whenever DCF takes action against a parent, there will be several hearings, all of which are very important to attend. Hearings are legal procedures and can be complicated to those unfamiliar with the juvenile judicial system, so it is smart to have an attorney on your side to help you navigate through the process.

      Having your child taken away can be a very difficult experience, but Attorney Klapproth can try to help you get your children back.
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      Frequent Questions

      No. If your child is under the age of seventeen, they will be sent to juvenile court if they are charged with a crime.

      No. You have no legal obligation to cooperate with DCF during an investigation, however, noncompliance with DCF during an investigation can result in DCF filing neglect petitions with Juvenile Superior Court in order to obtain judicial oversight and court orders that may require a parent to cooperate with DCF.

      As a parent, it is important to have an understanding of the most common juvenile offenses. Our firm handles a variety of juvenile offenses including:

      • Delinquency
      • School suspension/expulsion
      • Traffic offenses
      • Vandalism
      • Underage drinking
      • Curfew violations Theft

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